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Receive these recipes for Rice Masks to obtain nourished and beautiful skin.😘

😘Rice masks can work as a gentle exfoliant for the skin, lighten the tone and add moisture without causing damage to the skin, unlike other products that contain strong components. 💆To make these facial creams or masks you can use water or rice flour. They are a pretty good option for any skin type, including those with acne breakouts, dryness or sensitivity. 👍Another favorable point is that they do not require a lot of financial expense nor should they be applied by a specialist. You just need to buy the ingredients, prepare the cream and place it in the comfort of your home.

📝👉Rice mask

Start by placing half a cup of rice in a bowl, then add enough water to fill the bowl. Cover completely and make sure the water is higher than the rice by about 1 inch. Move the mixture with the help of a spoon, stir well. Let stand until it looks a little cloudy, wait about 30 or 60 minutes or so. Pour the rice along with the water through a sieve into another container so that you separate the rice from the water. Use a pair of scissors to cut holes for the mouth, nose and eyes on a paper towel, the idea is that you use it as a kind of mask.

Soak the paper towel in the bowl containing the rice water for about 10 minutes. Gently remove the mask by gently extracting.🧏 Lie down and place the preparation on your face for approximately 15 minutes.

After removing, wash your face with room temperature water and apply a moisturizer that you normally use.

Rice mask with potato🥔

Start by peeling a small potato with the help of a knife or potato peeler. Then grate the raw potato using a cheese grater. Put a handful of grated potato on your hand, then squeeze it into a container so you can extract the juice. Add rice flour to the potato juice, a pinch at a time. Stir everything, that is, while you add the flour mix in an enveloping way so that you get the consistency of a paste. 🧏 Grab a portion and smooth the paste over your face using your fingertips. Let it act for an estimated time of 10 to 20 minutes and finish rinsing with warm water and apply a moisturizer that you normally use.


Don't wait any longer to take advantage of these rice mask recipes, your skin will thank you, follow us for more recipes like these on

our page.

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