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75HRS. Advanced Esthetician Nevada SB-291
Hibrid Mode

45 Hrs. Virtual
30 Hrs. Hands on

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*Hair Removal

*Body Contour:



-Lipolaser Non-Invasive


*Spider Vein Removal

*Tattoo Removal

Magic Body Sculpt Academy (Approved by Nevada Cosmetology State Board) 

 we offer 45 Hrs. Virtual Training + 30 Hrs. Hands on-site Practice.
    -45 Hrs. Virtual Training: Access to a virtual school will be provided where the student will find the content belonging to this course, the student will have to complete all the outstanding tasks in a period of 2 weeks. The student has 24/7 access, so the student can complete the program on her time. That is, there is no schedule to complete the program, but there is a period of 2 weeks from when you receive your access to the school. Upon completion, a virtual diploma will be automatically generated as proof of completion.
-30 Hrs. Hands on Practices: They are carried out once the 45 hrs have been completed. of Virtual Training and presenting Virtual Diploma., You will learn to apply all the therapies correctly in real models. We provide all the tools and machines related to the theory and practice corresponding to the designated course. The internships are face-to-face and the student can go to the nearest convenient city on the scheduled dates. (call our office for dates at 702-778-6623 or via email at:

​Upon completion of this hybrid program you will be certified and recognized as an Advanced Esthetics Laser Technician and become a candidate for your Nevada Cosmetology State Board Affidavit & if you prefer certification with SCMHR /NCLC. (applicable requirements). The student is responsible for going to the corresponding institutions to practice in their State or County if they reside in the United States of America.
You will have all the necessary knowledge, information and skills that will accredit you in this area of cosmetic beauty.

The subjects you will study include:

  • Review  Anatomy of Skin and Hair

  • Review LASER/IPL Parameters and Applications

  • Review Light and Non-Light Based Therapies​

  • Laser Hair Removal

  • Non-Ablative Skin Rejuvenation

  • Advanced Skin Rejuvenation Techniques

  • Advanced Body Contouring

  • Tattoo Removal

  • Spider Vein Removal

  • Laser Safety

Why choose to study at Magic Body Sculpt Academy?

Our course is fully comprehensive, providing professionals working in the medical and cosmetic industry, with a course to help you gain the specialized knowledge and skills to perform procedures using Lasers and Light-Based Therapies technology. 

We recognize the absolute importance of performing these treatments safely. Having sufficient foundation knowledge to perform those procedures and a Laser Safety Certificate is why we know our course is the best. 

Once you complete the course with us, you can have confidence that you will have the necessary knowledge, skills, and qualification, to become a professional Laser Technician within this area. 

Requirements to qualify for 30% OFF:

*Must be 18 and older

*Must have a previous, Esthetician, Cosmetology, Medical Assist, LVN, Medical Aesthetic, Physician.

Requirements to receive the Free Machine:

-Sign up for the free machine special time period

-Complete the 45 hrs program. virtual + 30 hours. Hands on practices

-Complete the total payment of the price of the course

-Proof of identity

-Student is responsible for shipping cost

-The value of the machine is not transferable or exchangeable for cash or other

-The machine is multifunctional, pink, contains: cavitation, body and facial radiofrequency, non-invasive lipolaser and vacuum therapy

-the machine does not have a factory warranty

-This special cannot be combined with another special


Note: call us at 702-778-6623 for more information.


The regular Price per this Laser Technician Course is $5,999 USD, but if get registered now you`ll receive 30% OFF Discount, Price will be only $3,750 USD. 

Obtain your 30% off Now, call us at 702-778-6623 to get registered, or click below to go online. 


After completing the classes of 75hrs. Advanced Esthetician student must submit their collaboration form (Affidavit) for Nevada Cosmetology State Board.
-Complete 150 Hrs. of Practices (deadline September 30th, 2023).

To obtain your Advanced Esthetician license you must regularize before September 30th, 2023.
Benefits of getting my update before September 30th, 2023?
By obtaining your update with us before the indicated date you will automatically become an Advanced Esthetician without having to attend the 300-900 hrs that Nevada law requires.
What happens if I don't purchase the update before September 30th, 2023?
If the student does not complete his update before the indicated date, he will simply have to go to the school and finish in 300-900 hrs.

We Offer Our Courses Throughout

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