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At Magic Body Sculpt we want to assist you in obtaining your personal beauty goals

Due to high demand from our customers, we decided to do the research and obtain exclusive rights in the United States to perform and teach a new procedure called Corrective Camouflage.


Camouflage or as people like to refer to it as cloaking, has multiple skin enhancing benefits. As you age, your skin texture and tone changes and imperfections begin to become more noticeable.

Rapid weight gain, surgery, illness, sun damage, weight loss, diet, and genetics play an important role in the appearance of our skin.

One of the frequently asked questions by our clients is whether or not their stretch marks can ever go away?

Since stretch marks never go away the only solution is to camouflage them and that´s exactly what we are doing with great results.

Stretch marks (striae) appear as parallel streaks of red, thinned glossy skin that over time become whitish and scarlike appearance. Stretch marks and scars don´t all look alike. They vary depending on how long you've had them, what caused them, where they are on your body, and the type of skin you have.

Creams, lasers and other treatments can be effective on recent stretch marks. They claim to be beneficial and may assist in the fading of the stretch marks, but they do not completely get rid of them. 

It is important you understand that stretch marks, scars, and sometimes dark circles, in most cases never really completely go away. there are treatments done by plastic surgeons and dermatologist that can dramatically reduce the appearance of them. These treatments tend to be expensive and are not usually covered by insurance.

At Magic Body Sculpt, we are proud to announce that we discovered a way to solve the imperfections that your body presents,  with a new Brazilian technique. This technique is called Corrective Camouflage. The treatment is safe and affordable.




stretc .png

The Stretch Marks develop when the skin stretches or shrinks quickly. The abrupt change causes the collagen and elastin, which support our skin, to rupture. As the skin heals, stretch marks may appear.

Stretch marks, scars or dark circles can be hidden by permanent makeup.

It does not eliminate them but conceals them. That's right, the Corrective Camouflage/Cloaking technique conceals the imperfection, this technique is almost similar to Tattooing Techniques, it´s just an optical illusion for a better appearance.

stretch marks procedure.png

This Camouflage or Cloaking treatment consists of applying permanent makeup,  similar to microblading or micro pigmentation for the eyebrows, however less invasive.  Some situations may require a second touch up.

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How does the procedure work?

To start with the treatment, the specialist makes an assessment of the skin type and tone that each patient presents. Our trained staff member gently insert fine needles with permanent makeup into the epidermis. During this process, we distribute a makeup color imitating your own natural skin tone. This process results in a camouflage effect allowing the stretch marks to be less noticeable.  

Hydration is essential and an important part of your post care. Instructions must be followed exactly in order to achieve the best results.

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If you would like to be a part of a new and exciting career, visit our section on Camouflage Classes.

We are the only ones providing this opportunity in the United States. Get Registered soon and take advantage of this exclusive opportunity early. Limited spots are available at this time.

Camouflage Artist can generate an income from $2,500 up to $10,000 per month. English and Spanish speaking instructors.

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