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There are a variety of methods of Hair Removal, but in most cases, we are dealing with non-permanent methods such as wax, razor, hair removal creams, but with this type of hair removal, the hair will reappear and will grow over time. But there is a Permanent Hair Removal method you can say goodbye forever to the hair.

The basis of Laser Hair Removal or Permanent Hair Removal is the interaction of Laser Light, (SHR OPT) with the melanin in the hair. Melanin is the pigment that gives color to the Skin and Hair. So this type of treatment is very effective, to Remove any Type of color of Hair. Depending on the wavelength and intensity of light provided by the laser, this is absorbed by Melanin generating heat that causes destruction of the hair bulb or hair and thereby completely eliminating it.




How does SHR OPT work?

Being one of the newest forms of hair removal method, SHR OPT uses lower energy levels and more pulses when compared to just IPL. Another difference is that only 50% of the energy targets hair melanin, while the other 50% targets the stem cells responsible for hair production.

Is SHR OPT for me?

Many users have feedbacked less discomfort with SHR OPT than IPL or other devices, making it ideal for people with lower pain tolerance also our SHR OPT has Cool Tip for best comfort. The unique laser technology makes it suitable for all hair types and skin tones, even those who don’t want to shy away from the sun!

Cost and efficacy

As we’ve mentioned, you can expect SHR OPT less session, However, it takes just 6 to 12 sessions to see a permanent reduction in hair growth. The technology has also proven to reduce more than 97% of hair growth!

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