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Skincare Model

“Hollywood Laser/Carbon Laser, Skin Rejuvenation”  as we technically call it, is an adept non-invasive and pain-free Laser Treatment that is great for treating skin imperfections and giving skin a glow from within.

The laser selectively targets facial imperfections such as enlarged pores, pigmentation, scarring, and rough texture. Pores impacted with oil and dead skin are cleared off and the rejuvenating effect of the 1064nm laser causes plumping up of the skin. The whole procedure takes 25-35 minutes and the best part is there is no downtime you can go back to work or your daily life without any delay. A short course of 4 – 6 sessions can give noticeable brightening of overall complexion, and most people opt to continue with regular sessions to maintain the skin’s clarity. Each session has to be performed every 21 days.


If we were to make a list of skin corrections that we can achieve using this facial it’d look like this:

  • Tightens dilated pores

  • Reduces acne, scars and post-acne discoloration

  • Removes dead skin cells from the superficial epidermal layer

  • Stimulates collagen growth

  • Improves skin texture

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Restores skin integrity and radiance

  • Clears pores to help reduce blackheads and whiteheads


ng yag picture.png

How does it work?

This laser facial is delivered by a state of the art Nd-Yag Laser machine producing short, rapid and high-intensity pulses of light with maximum capability for destruction of debris clogged in the pores and upper layers of skin. During the procedure, the face is cleansed and a thin layer of carbon lotion (as a photo enhancer) is applied. The laser light is absorbed by the black particles of carbon, which blast off along with the superficial dead layer of skin as laser light moves across the skin.

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