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How does it work?

the treatment consists of Laser Diodes that emit a light of very special characteristics, which penetrates the tissues reaching the fat cells called adipocytes. The energy of this laser light penetrates the skin safely until it reaches this subcutaneous fat tissue. Laser light stimulates the adipocytes to release their fat content, by permeabilization of the membrane, this effect is known as photobiostimulation. The fat released after this photobiostimulation is composed of fatty acids, glycerol, and water. The released fatty acids are used by the body as energy, water is excreted or used by the body for its various functions where it is required, and glycerol is processed through natural metabolic functions including gluconeogenesis. (Anabolic metabolic pathway that allows the synthesis of glucose) In other words, it is also a source of energy for the body. In short, light stimulates the fat cells to release their contents through the cell membrane (without breaking it) and then be used as energy. Fat cells significantly reduce their size to such an extent that in each session there is a decrease in measurements in the treated patient.



Localized Obesity Pre and post-surgical liposculpture Retraction of tissues after pregnancy Complement in the treatment of PEFE (Cellulitis) and Metabolic Syndrome (Metabolic Disorder carbohydrates with insulin resistance).



*Very significant reduction of measures Non-invasive,

*No pain, no injections, no electric currents, no heat.

*Aimed at areas where fat is difficult to remove.

*Measurable fat loss from the first session

*Treats localized fat as well as cellulite

*It helps in the treatment of obesity since it increases the metabolism of the adipocytes

*Improvement in the tension, firmness, and texture of the skin (the skin responds to the photobiostimulation, specifically the fibroblasts)

*Reducing and Improving Cellulite.

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